Building Safety Case Coordinator – Manchester

Company NameSavills 
Job DesignationBuilding Safety Case Coordinator
Job LocationManchester
Job TypePermanent / Fulll Time
SalaryCompetitive salary

Role Overview

The primary aim of the Safety Case Coordinator role is to provide support to the Building Safety Case Manager in the development, management, and upkeep of a repository of safety-related data. This repository, in accordance with The Building Safety Act 2022, will constitute the Safety Case for all higher-risk buildings (HRBs) where Savills has been designated as the Accountable Person.

The Safety Case Coordinator will take charge of the existing Golden Thread of information and will also acquire additional data to assist the Building Safety Case Manager in the creation of the corresponding Safety Case Report.

Their responsibilities include identifying any gaps in the available information, commissioning surveys and reports as necessary to ensure that vital information is accessible. This information will demonstrate the effective management of significant fire and structural safety hazards, thereby reducing the likelihood of major incidents.

Savills, in its role as the appointed Accountable Person, is obligated to maintain the Safety Case, providing both itself and residents with the assurance that fire and structural risks associated with their buildings are being managed effectively.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage and coordinate safety-related data to compile the Safety Case and support the Safety Case Report, as mandated by the Building Safety Act 2022, for buildings where Savills serves as the Accountable Person.
  • Continuously review the Golden Thread of Information and other building safety data required to support the Safety Case, under the guidance of the Safety Case Manager.
  • Register all buildings falling under the purview of the Building Safety Act 2022 with the Building Safety Regulator, acting on behalf of the Principal Accountable Person.
  • Oversee the submission of the Building Assessment Certificate application in coordination with the Resident Engagement Team.
  • Ensure that any actions associated with the Building Assessment Certificate are addressed by the relevant parties.
  • Assist the Fire Safety Manager and Fire Safety Assistant in maintaining effective oversight of the building safety framework established by the Building Safety Act 2022, the Fire Safety Act 2021, and the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022.
  • Prepare reports as required.
  • Engage in regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  • Fulfill any additional responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time to meet the requirements of the role.

Skills, Knowledge, and Experience

  • The ideal candidate should possess, or be actively working towards obtaining, a relevant professional qualification (e.g., IFE, CIOB, RICS, CIH, NEBOSH Gen or Fire Cert or an equivalent qualification). It is preferred that they have prior experience in roles related to facilities management housing, asset management, data analytics, compliance, construction, health and safety, or building maintenance.
  • Proficiency in data management and strong interpersonal skills.
  • A practical and reasonable approach to addressing fire and structural safety concerns.
  • Some familiarity with essential fire and building safety guidelines and a willingness to deepen their understanding of building safety laws and guidelines, including The Building Safety Act of 2022, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order of 2005, PAS 8673:2022, PAS 9980:2022, British Standards, the Approved Documents (B), The Fire Safety in Purpose-Built Blocks of Flats guidance, and the RICS EWS1 revised criteria.
  • Capable of conducting research and consulting relevant guidance.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines.
  • Recognition of the importance of seeking assistance from colleagues when necessary.
  • Understanding of service and maintenance requirements and timelines associated with crucial fire safety equipment, such as fire alarm and detection systems, EAS, emergency lighting, automatic opening smoke ventilation, dry/wet risers, firefighting equipment, and passenger lifts.
  • Strong communication skills, approachability, and the ability to cultivate productive professional relationships with stakeholders, colleagues, clients, including the Fire and Rescue Service, and the Building Safety Regulator.
  • Experience in effectively utilizing Microsoft Office software

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